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Instagram help please?!?!?

I upload video edits sometimes, and then just a couple minutes later get a notification saying the song I use is blocked in my country, but I always appeal it and it wins, so the video gets restored. I've been told that I'm not doing anything wrong by this, but I've been scared I have been because before I put in an appeal it always shows a list of countries where the song is apparently allowed freely, but my country isn't on there, but then whenever I appeal it it always wins and my video gets restored like I said? Does anyone else have this, or can anyone reassure me?

I keep getting worried I'm breaking some kind of copyright law by using some songs, because apparently they're not supposed to be used in the UK (where I live) but they're fully available in a lot of other countries - when I tap on the notification it gives me saying it's been muted, the UK isn't on there, but then when I appeal it, it always gets accepted and my video gets restored. Is this just Instagram being stupid or what?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    i would talk to them about it

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