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Who is that secret Avengers??

A few years ago , Marvel comics put out a New character and claimed that she was always there , even at the creation of the team back in the 60s but she disappeared in the time stream or something? She is supposedly very strong and had white/silver hair or something  but i cant find her anywhere because I don't remember her name. Anybody remembers her ? Thanks

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  • 2 months ago
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    I didn't read it myself but I remember hearing about it. Her name was Voyager, she was the Grandmaster's daughter and they were a major part of the avengers stories No Surrender and No Road Home. What I thought was odd about it was that just one or two years earlier, one of the cowriters of No Surrender did another story about a female avenger from the 60s who had been forgotten, they called her Avenger X. I wonder if they were intended to be the same character but were made into two different ones for some reason. 

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