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? asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 2 months ago

they never caught the zodiac killer ?

who knows what he can be doing maybe even failing to run for president.

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    1 month ago
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    If the Zodiac is still alive, and was 35 in 1970 (a good guess), he would be 85 now.  Despite the name he gave himself, he never mentioned astrology in any of his taunting letters to the police or in the ciphers that have been decoded. To the best of my knowledge, no astrologer ever found an astrological or astronomical pattern to his killings. 

    On the other hand, he used astrological glyphs in his ciphers that are not commonly known.  Quick!  What does the glyph for a quincunx look like, or a semi square?  He found them somewhere.

    Criminal profiling, which enjoys a reputation all out of proportion to its success, at that time would have pegged him for a mid 30s white male, single, pretty much a failure, having a hatred of women, and an inability to stop.  Therefore, it would be assumed he was either in prison or dead. However, subsequent profiling studies show that serial killers do stop, they're not all single, and they're not all white. So this guy could have been your neighbor.  He was never caught or identified.

    The suspect the police liked best was one Arthur Leigh Allen now deceased.  No matter what they did, including DNA matching, no strong evidence could link Allen to the killings. 

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    Who that?

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