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M asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 1 month ago

The International Space Station is shaped like a cylinder that has a cross-sectional area of 615 m2 and a length of 44.5 m. The liviNG?

The living space for the astronauts is

425 m3

. What percent of the volume of

the space station is used for living?

The word thick is sometimes used to describe

the height of an object.

2 cm thick

The cross-sectional area is the area of the

circle you see if you cut across the cylinder.

1 Answer

  • JuanB
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    615 x 44.5 = 27,367.5 m3 total area

    425/ 27,367.5 = 1.553% for living space

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