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Will For 8862 Delay My Refund?

I did not work last year so I'm using 2019's income. Problem is I accepted a disallowance of one of my kids because I couldn't provide proof of him living with us even though I claimed him every year of his life. It was a random audit. So that being said I want to know if filing the form 8862 automatically causes an audit or we need more info scenario? Another words is it an automatic problem that the system will see form 8862 and send me back into another delayed refund? Side Note: It's been 6 days and so far my status is as it would be any other normal year filing.


*Form 8862

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2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The election to use 2019 earned income for calculating EIC is legal this year due to Civic.

    Because you were previously disallowed for claiming  EIC based on a child, the form 8862 will cause a delay.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I don't understand what you did.

    HOW did you use LAST YEAR'S income for this year.  You can NOT file income from 2019 on a tax return for 2020.

    You should have already used 2019 income when filing last year.  And if you didn't file taxes for 2019, then you would have needed to file your 2019 income on a tax return for FOR 2019.

    It sounds like your issues won't be related to the 8862 form.  Your issues will be for reporting income from 2019 on a 2020 tax return - and maybe for trying to report the same income twice.

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