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Which Men in Black & where in the movie does Agent J (Will Smith) touch a floating marble but it’s a planet? (Not the flying ball in MIB I)?

He goes in the lab with Agent Kay and J sees a floating marble/ball then out of curiosity goes to touch it. K says don’t touch! Then it shows the people on the marble zoomed in like earthlings on our planet being rocked. It’s been years & I can’t find it. Not the first one where the ball goes flying around the lab. Thanks!


Perfect, thanks, Weasel!!! 

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  • 2 months ago
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    It was indeed the first one,  where the little ball around Orion the cats'  neck, on his in fact, a little galaxy  (not just a planet)  which is what the alien is after. 

    The movie ENDS, by zooming out,  to show the earth in space, and then zooms further and further out to  show  OUR entire galaxy,  as nothing more than the size of a  marble........ in a whole BAG of marbles,  held by some alien, shooting them like a game of marbles. 

    so the marble on the cats neck,  would be just an infinitesimal  speck inside our own marble. 

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