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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 2 months ago

What zodiac sign does she sound most like?

 She is indepedent , direct

She is stubborn 

She has a tomboyish character

She has a warrior spirit

She is street smart

She value her family

She stand firmly for her believes

She is big hearted , homely

She is quiet , love freedom

She hate noisy places

She hate liars

She hate backstabbers

She love funny people

She love giving gifts

She is sensitive to critiscm n will turn defensive

She protects weaker

She is down to earth

Her moods change like weather

She is beautiful but has a fiery temper

There is no sense to talk her out

She love climbing trees

She is escapist 

She is honest might offend others


I know but i wanna know which zodiac sign she sound most like only

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  • 2 months ago
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    Earth maybe...

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    2 months ago

    Since everyone has ALL 12 zodiac Signs in THEIR personal unique birthchart, you cannot pick out ONE Sign.  More than that planets are more important than the Signs these planets are in, and the aspects/distances between the planets are THE most telling part of the birthchart.

    Sun sign astrology (found by looking up the month-day of birth on a list) is just a gimmick for writers to make money writing for people who don't know any better. Sun sign astrology .. is a scam.

    Independence is often associated with a planet(s) in Fire Signs.  Stubbornness with a planet(s) in Earth Signs.  Street smart has nothing to do with astrology and is instead a product of your environment while growing up.  Etc.

    Hating noisy places is often associated with a planet(s) in Air Signs.  Protecting others with Water Signs.  Changeable emotions usually occur when the person's Moon (emotional nature) conflicts with (forms opposition or square aspects) to other planets in their birth chart ... especially if that planet is Uranus.

    And since she has 10 planets, it is likely that she has at least one planet in EACH of the 4 Elements, and has the traits of all 4 Elements.

    Do up her birthchart. Forget about the scam/gimmick of Sun Signs .. Sun sign astrology is useless.

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