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Evie asked in PetsFish · 2 months ago

When can I get a betta fish?

So I've had a Juwel aquarium for a month now, and I have two harlequin rasboras, two glowlight tetras, two neon black tetras, and two pink salmon tetras. So eight small fish in total, should I add more fish or just get a betta straight away?

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  • 2 months ago
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    The fish that you already have are schooling fish.  And there should be a bare minimum of 6 of each species.   I don't know what size tank you have, but if you had the bare minimum of 6 each of these, you would need a 20-gallon long minimum.  

    Schooling fish that are not in schools may become stressed, and stressed fish are unpredictable.  A normally peaceful species of fish may be aggressive and fin nippy, an active or aggressive species may become lethargic.  But the bigger problem is that stressed fish are not healthy, and they will be more open to diseases like Ich that spread through the entire tank.

    So first, make sure that your aquarium is fully cycled.  Then decide if you have room for more fish, or consider returning or rehome some of the species to create room for proper schools.   If you have room for I betta, I suggest you add it last. It is more ideal to add a betta to a tank with fish, then to add fish into a tank with a betta.  Because the betta may take offense to fish intruding in its territory.  

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    2 months ago

    The answer to your question will depend upon the actual size of your tank. I am not familiar with the size of Juwel tanks, so you need to either look this up, or provide tank dimensions by measuring length, width, and height. 

    Regarding when you could get this fish: If the water is already aged and you are not experiencing any fish deaths for at least one month, the answer could likely be that you could get the fish at any time. But, look at the tank size.

    It is not likely you will see trouble with tetras and a Betta in regards to compatability. There may be a particular Betta fish here and there, who may decide to pick on other fish. This is probably not likely as long as the tank is adequate, but some individuals may be slightly more aggressive than others. If you see the fish is not trying really hard to get to the fish in the next bowl in the store, this may be a milder fish. They all do, however, try to challenge other male Bettas to some degree and two male Bettas should never be housed together.

    -Be sure to feed the Betta some frozen brine shrimp at least once per week, although most Bettas will be happy to have this food every day and do quite well on it.

    -Be sure you either have no substrate in bottom; or sand in bottom; or you vacuum the gravel once per week or two, with a gravel siphon.

    -No harsh filtration - Bettas like quiet water.

    -No extremely frequent water changes - Bettas do not like pristine water, although Tetras may like it a bit more clear. Plants may equalize this issue.

    See how this goes. This may work out fine. It will be something for you to watch and see the results. Good luck with this.

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