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Who agrees that those who fight with police should be shot by them?

I’ve seen a lot of police videos, and also in real life, where a suspect in police custody tries to fight the officers and in some cases severely hurts them. I am so sick of hearing about police brutality on the news, when all the suspect had to do was cooperate, and choose not to, and instead makes himself a victim. I wish officers weren’t just limited to tasers and pepper spray when trying to get a belligerent suspect into custody. I think the law should be simple, either cooperate with the police or be prepared to get shot and killed in the head by them, and see how many people will still fight the officers. To those who disagree with me, what’s the matter, do you support criminals?

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    1 month ago
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    I don't agree with that, if the cops are able to subdue the person without escalating to firearms.

    However, when a perp or suspect escalates the violence in an encounter with the cops, I don't shed any tears if the encounter ends with a taxpayer relief shot.

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    1 month ago

    I think the courts should be able to sentence someone to an asswhooping.

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    I agree, just cooperate. you will get your day in court to present your side.

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