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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 2 months ago

my girlfriend is scared of getting her haircut?

I’ve been dating this girl for a couple years. She’s absolutely stunning and she has an amazing personality. However, she is VERY attached to her hair. Her hair goes down to her waist and she hasn’t gotten a cut in four years. Her mom suggested that she should get a trim a couple weeks ago since the ends of her hair are splitting. My GF had several panic attacks and she ended up canceling the appointment because she was so upset. Three days ago, we scheduled her another appointment and I went with her the next day for support, but she refused to let the stylist even touch her hair. We had to leave because she almost passed out. I keep asking her why she’s so afraid of this and she keeps saying “I don’t know” and then she starts crying :(. I offered to cut it myself if that would make her feel better, but she had another panic attack. How can I help her?


I don’t want her to break up with me.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    There's something else going on. Something that has nothing to do with hair. Respect her phobia and stop suggesting that she get her hair cut. She needs to visit a counselor or therapist to get to the bottom of this phobia and a therapist can give her strategies to deal with and eventually overcome her fear. She needs to decide to see someone herself and it's not your decision to make. Once again, respect her fear and don't keep pushing the haircut agenda. All you will do is push her away.

  • 2 months ago

    Cut a chunk off in her sleep. She'll have no other choice.

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