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A dilemma using Tinder?


Using the Tinder app (on my phone running Android), if I remain logged in to the app, but turn off location/GPS on my phone, will the Tinder app still show the same member's (stranger's) profile/card that appears now?

I don't want to necessarily leave location/GPS turned on, on my phone overnight for several hours. But the dilemma is, it is now 1:50 AM where I am located and when I logged into the Tinder app, just before midnight, the first profile/card of someone else that appears on screen, is of a local woman who I would consider selecting a Super Like for.

But if she was to receive a notification on her phone (about receiving a Super Like) overnight and her phone is left on, then I would risk waking her and interrupting her sleep.

I thought it may be better to wait until 8 or 9 AM to do it.

But would leaving location/GPS turned on (my phone) overnight for several hours use much data? (megabytes or gigabytes)

Otherwise, if I now log out of the Tinder app, then log in again later today some time, then that user's profile may not appear again among the stack of profile cards/local search results.

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