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Anonymous asked in PetsCats · 1 month ago

Room mate fallout ?

I recently was going to have a friend come and live with me but we had a falling out because her cats are in fixed and she insisted they need to move so I told her she need to move somewhere else so now she’s living with her boyfriend but she left her crap all in my house and it smells like cat P and we keep messaging her to pick it up but she keeps making every excuse in the book why she can’t pick it up. What should I do with the stuff because I’m tired of it smelling up my house and it smells like my garage just as bad

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    1 month ago
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    Send her a certified letter stating that she has 30 days to pick up her belongings or they will be either thrown out or donated to the Salvation Army. I agree with the other writer find out your local laws regarding abandoned property and the laws regarding disposal of the unclaimed property

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    1 month ago

    Box it up & put it outside. Then call her to tell her where she can pick it up. You don't have to be there when she comes. Give her a month, then put it all in the trash. End of story.

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    1 month ago

    How much stuff are you talking about here? A few boxes that would fit in your vehicle? Or a U-haul's worth of stuff? If the former, ask when she'll be home and show up at her boyfriend's house with her stuff and drop it at their doorstep. If the latter, you'll want to check into your local laws about abandoned property. In most places, since the owner of the items is known, you'll have to serve her some sort of notice to remove it and wait a legally prescribed time before you can sell or dispose of it. The method of notice and time period can vary. 

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    1 month ago

    Send her a text or email that she has 1 month to come and get rid of it or you’ll throw it away. 

    Just be sure to keep the text or email as proof that you told her. 

    You can also tell her that if she wants to keep it there, she’ll have to pay a storage fee. 

    What does an unfixed cat have to do with moving.

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