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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsHeart Diseases · 1 month ago

Is 2 months abstinence enough to heal the liver?

I used to drink a good amount.....about 15 beers per week for about 17 years.  About 14 months ago, I cut that down significantly as a result of an abnormal blood test.


In December, 2019 I was found to have elevated liver enzymes.  My AST/ALT numbers were as follows in the blood tests I've had.


Dec, 2019:  70/82

Feb, 2020:  43/66

Sep, 2020:  53/77


ALP,  bilirubin, albumin, and all other labs were normal (GGT was not tested) every time.  Tested negative for viral hepatitis, and ultrasound came back normal in October, 2020.  No fatty liver or anything.


In 2020, I drank about 2 beers per week.  Since Early Jan, I haven't touched alcohol.  I go for a follow up blood test early this week, and I'm nervous about the result.


I was also on a prescription NSAID for November and December for an unrelated back problem, but have not touched that either since Christmas time.  They say up to 10% of people experience elevated liver enzymes on this NSAID.


So back to my original question:  Is 2 months of abstinence enough to heal the liver?


2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Probably not.

    You have probably stopped making it worse.

    Expect it to be years or even decades before you can safely drink SMALL quantities of alcohol.

  • 1 month ago

    My Dad drank for 70 plus years. That's a lie. If the gov kills you they just do. Malt liquor and 4 Loko are ****.

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