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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetInternetGoogle · 1 month ago

Kicking someone off my Youtube account?

I noticed a few days ago that videos I did not search for were appearing in my history. I checked my authorized devices in my google security settings and there was just my phone and my work computer. I changed my password anyways.

Yesterday I noticed more videos started coming up. So I went thru all my permissions and shut them off, changed my password again and turned on two-factor authorization.Today I noticed there is somehow more videos still on my history. And these are not videos that would have autoplayed (and I also have my autoplay off and there was stuff in my history from days I was not on Youtube at all). There is also results from the search bar that I did not enter.I was just going to delete my youtube account, however I am still concerned they may be able to gain access to my email accounts and other google services.Is there any way I can resolve this and get him off my account??I've tried posting in google forums but I've heard nothing back there. 

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