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is this hyperhidrosis ?

I've been watching videos on hyperhidrosis and I notice the people with it sweat ALL the time, I only sweat when I'm in school, or when I'm around people that aren't family, or when I'm nervous, I already know that I have social anxiety, and I produce a lot more sweat then I'm supposed to, except when I'm at home, and when I'm hot or when I'm exercising I only sweat a little even on the hottest day, but in social situations I sweat ten times more, I sweat big puddles even on cold days and being covered in sweat when it's cold makes me even colder. So is it still hyperhidrosis even though I only sweat in social situations and not at home? or is it something else?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

     Probably not hyperhidrosis.  Sweat produced due to anxiety is a symptom of an anxiety disorder.  Its normal to produce huge amounts of sweat when experiencing extreme anxiety.  So your sweating is probably normal.  Its the anxiety that causes the sweating that is not normal. 

  • Steven
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    I would say no, but your hormones also may not be settled yet. I also used to sweat more in social anxiety situations, but not constantly. I was also in middle school when this was happening. By high school it was far less. Now only when I go out in the hot sun, or a hot room, exercise etc do I sweat a lot. Your social anxieties are causing this to happen and or body may get better with age. But I do highly recommend you address your social anxiety issues too. That will not necessarily improve without therapy, medicine, just being more social/trying new things etc.

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