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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 month ago

Why didnt the impeachment managers want Nancy Pelosi to testify?

I'm trying to understand the law in the U.S. Why didnt the prosecution want Nancy Pelosi to testify? Can someone explain to me what Trumps lawyers did to  win?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It wasn't necessary for Pelosi to testify. The video of the insurrection event speaks for itself, as well as that the Tweets and speeches from Trump were clear what he meant and everyone knows it. Her testimony would have made no difference and she wanted a speedy trial, but the republicans held it up until it was too late to remove Trump from office. Trump's lawyers did not do anything to win, since the majority of senate republicans had made their decision to acquit before the trial even started.

    As Pelosi and democratic leaders had stated, it wouldn't have mattered if they had 0 or 5000 witnesses; the acquittal was inevitable because the Trump senate supporters would not find him guilty no matter what crimes he committed. Even if the traitors had burned down the capitol building and killed every person in the senate chamber, Trump would have still been found not guilty, as long as enough republican senators had survived the massacre to vote on the issue.

    It's not a matter of Trump being guilty. It's that the majority of republicans are either afraid of him or that they want to be associated with him to get votes in upcoming elections. Why Trump holds this power over them? I do not know, but the fact exists. Trump is a failed businessman, was the worst president in history and knows nothing about governing. He was elected because he promised things he could not deliver. His supporters are willing to overlook him lying to them and why that is can only be explained as him being a cult leader. He is not popular because of what he can do or has done, but how much he can lie about other people that he says can't do things and for some reason people believe it.

    Pelosi and the democratic leaders are aware of this brainwashing and for that reason, no witnesses would have changed the outcome. The only reason the democrats filed for impeachment is because that is their constitutional duty to uphold the separation of powers as outlined therein. They did not do it because they disliked Trump; they did it because the law demanded it of them.

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