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Very strange dream, please help ?

What I remember is being in a house with my children and a young man liked me very young. He would hold my hand through the window and he was protecting me. Keeping me safe although I kept thinking hes too young. It stayed platonic and then the neighbour has a fight with her boyfriend. The boyfriend's friends held her down and he beat her with a baseball bat. The guy the whole time held my hand and kept me safe. The ambulance came and there was a huge crowd and they took her away, she was ok.  I went out and came back to my house and he was in my house and I was upset, was a huge bit dairy cross, he said he wanted 5o surprise me he was fixing the shower. But I didn't like that he had come in my home without my permission. I kept my distance, and stayed away from him. Then he got with my auntie who was older then me and I wished them the best.

Thats all I remember, it is very rare for me to remember a dream and I can't decifer  this one.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I think he had more than keeping you safe on his mind darlin!

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