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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 month ago

How can I look pleasant, sympathetic and nice with others?

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  • 1 month ago

    Almost everyone in this world likes to be in the company of a nice person. Nice people are a joy to be around, they inspire others and make the people they are with feel good about themselves. People who are nice are also great influencers and have a bigger pool of genuine friends. They sincerely care about others, and their thoughts, actions, and words reflect it. As the saying goes, it is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice.

    But how does one go about becoming a nicer person? Here are 30 foolproof ways:

    1. Be Punctual

    Being punctual for an appointment is one important way to be a nicer person. It demonstrates to the other person that you have respect for his or her time. It shows that you have discipline, are responsible, trustworthy, and that you keep your word. Nobody likes to be kept waiting by a tardy person and, therefore, we should not do it to others. We all experience occasional unexpected emergencies from time to time which we cannot avoid and, in such cases, we should notify the other person as soon as possible, apologize for not being punctual, and do everything possible to prevent a future recurrence. But it is important to remember that getting stuck in rush-hour traffic, over-sleeping because your alarm clock did not go off, misplacing your car keys, or forgetting to feed your dog are all frivolous excuses that only demonstrate a lack of discipline on your part and a lack of respect for the other person.

    2. Don’t Be Critical

    One of the ways to become a nicer person is to be less judgemental and critical of others and certain situations. Always try to look at the brighter side of things and refrain from criticism and voicing displeasure. There will always be situations and people that are less than ideal in our minds, but it does no good to constantly criticize because it only reinforces negativity. Instead of complaining about the rain, relish it. Rather than get annoyed by another person, try to see the goodness in him or her because everyone has virtues.

    3. Smile and Laugh

    Frequent smiling and laughing make you a more pleasant person to be around. I am not referring to fake smiles or laughs as people will see right through your insincerity. I am talking about genuine, heart-felt smiling and laughing. It demonstrates optimism, happiness, and overall pleasantness that is contagious. After all, nobody likes to assimilate with a consistently melancholy person.

    4. Don’t Talk About Yourself As Much

    We all love the sound of our own voice, but that does not mean we should indulge in self-glorification and monopolizing a conversation. After all, true communication is a dialogue and not a monologue. It is perfectly alright to tell others about our lives, feelings, and accomplishments in order to let others get to truly know and understand us. However, too many people do this excessively and toot their own horn, much to the chagrin of others. This point is closely related to number 5 below.

    5. Be Interested in Others, Ask Questions and Listen

    Rather than constantly talking about yourself, be genuinely interested in others, ask them questions to demonstrate your interest, and be a good listener. Ask others how their day went, about their family, their recent job interview, their feelings, etc. Make a point of giving others your full attention and listening attentively to what they have to say, regardless of whether you agree with them or not. It will be greatly appreciated.

    6. Don’t Make Jokes About or Prank Others

    Possessing a sense of humor and being able to crack tasteful jokes makes you fun to be around and it brightens everyone’s day. But it is important to remember not to do so at the expense of others. While you may not mean any harm, making someone else the brunt of your humor can often cause hurt and embarrassment. Make sure that your jokes and pranks do not come at someone else’s expense. Instead, see number 7 below.

    7. Be Able to Laugh at Yourself

    Develop the habit of not taking yourself too seriously and being able to laugh and poke fun at yourself. It shows others that you are not egotistical and It is a virtue that others greatly appreciate. Some of the best and most popular comedians in the world make themselves the brunt of their own jokes.

    8. Say Please and Thank You

    It might seem obvious, but many people in this world seem oblivious to the power of proper manners, specifically, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Being polite is one of the easiest and most effective ways to become a nicer person. It shows others that you are appreciative of them and their help or efforts. In fact, it is almost impossible to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ too much. As long as you are sincere in your gratitude, there is no such phenomenon as being ‘too courteous’. Regardless of whether you are interacting with a restaurant server, your mailman, a boss, or a billionaire, never underestimate the power of being polite by remembering to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

    9. Apologize Sincerely

    Everyone makes mistakes in life. It is important to note that it is part of a learning process in life. We upset and hurt others, we fall short of expectations, and sometimes make bad choices. In such cases, it is essential that we apologize sincerely to others for our mistakes and express genuine remorse. It is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it demonstrates strength and humility. And it makes you a nicer person.

    10. Don’t Talk Badly or Gossip About Others

    One great quality to develop and practice is to refrain from speaking badly about others, regardless if they are within earshot or not. Nobody likes to be badmouthed, even if the criticism is true. If you badmouth someone else to a friend, how does that friend know you do not do the same to him when he or she is not around? Only immature people spend their time speaking badly and slandering another person. And as many a good mother has advised, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

    11. Pay Compliments

    Learning to pay others sincere compliments is a great way to be a nicer person. Everyone has qualities and accomplishments that deserve to be recognized. This is different from being patronizing or a brown-noser. Possessing the ability to offer genuine praise when it is deserved makes the other person feel great about themselves. It exhibits the ability to see goodness in others and makes others want to be around you more.

    12. Help Others

    Kindness and the willingness to help others go a long way in this world. Everyone needs some form of help in their lives at some point. Always be forthcoming when someone needs help because helping someone else makes this world a better place. Whether it is helping an old lady cross the street or spending time assisting a job-seeker friend to update his or her resume, make the effort to offer your time and expertise. Do not expect anything in return (although helping others does make others more likely to want to help you). You will make a difference in that person’s life. It is a nice thing to do!

    13. Make Polite Gestures

    Courteous gestures and actions go a long way in showing others that you are polite and care about them. Some of the things you could do include standing up and shaking hands firmly (or hugging and kissing when appropriate) when meeting someone, opening the door for someone and allowing them to enter a room first, holding open a door for the person behind you, waiting for everyone at your dinner table to receive their dish at a restaurant or at home before beginning to eat, etc.

    14. Be Honest, Don’t Embellish

    One of the most fundamental qualities of a nice person is honesty. Nobody likes or respects a dishonest person or one who embellishes. Too many people exaggerate when describing their experiences and accomplishments. In the end, people will see right through the hyperbole and lose trust and respect for that person. Do not try to impress others by lying or inflating your achievements. Always be honest with your words and actions and you will never have to feel guilty or cover up your lies later.

    15. Be Giving and Sharing

    Nice people are generous with their time and their possessions. Offering others small and thoughtful gifts is one way to demonstrate your kindness. If you know of someone in financial need, you can offer financial help. If someone you know is moving to a new home, you can offer your time and help that person move. You could be at the grocery store, remember that a friend recently expressed love for the blueberry pie you once bought and served him or her, and buy it for that person. Sharing is also a nice thing to do. If you are watching a movie with a friend, offer to share your popcorn or food. People really notice kind gestures, especially when you do not expect anything in return.

    16. Remember People’s Names

    It has been said that a person’s name is the sweetest sound to him or her. It is, therefore, important to remember other people’s names. Many people get hurt or upset if you do not remember their name because it makes it seem as if he or she is not important enough to you. Make it a point to register and recall names by saying their name out loud when introduced, saying it silently a few times, or associating it with someone or something memorable. For example, if you meet Barbara for the first time, associate her name with Barbara Walters from the TV show 60 Minutes so that you do not forget it in the future.

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  • 1 month ago

    You have to feel that way. Pretending and trying to doesnt work.

  • 1 month ago

    I was going to say smile but with face mask that is tricky.  Maybe a fun face mask.  Maybe one with a dog on it or your sports team or just a silly smiley face.  Ben Franklin said a good example is the best sermon.

  • 1 month ago

    Don't put on an act, people can see right through it.  Just be yourself.  If you really want to change to be this person, it will take some work but we, as humans, are very adaptable.  You can do it if you apply yourself.

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  • 1 month ago

    The best way would be to have those qualities inside, then you would naturally show that. Even with difficult people it can help us to remember that we're all imperfect, we all fall short (Romans 3:23, Philippians 2:3). And to remember that others have good qualities that we lack, so we want to show respect and kindness. To learn more about how the Bible can help us in our relationships, see

  • 1 month ago

    Dress nice and comb your hair.

    Usually just listen.

    Listening help out a lot.

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