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Why do my ankles hurt a lot when walking? ?

Ok so it starts with the ankles. Then it starts hurting at the side of my legs. Like a lot. When I rest it goes away then it hurts when I walk again. This has been happening for a couple months now. The pain feels like my legs are getting tighter and heavier. I can barely walk a few blocks and it starts to hurt. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The first thing to look at when you have pain walking is your footwear. It's common for athletic shoes to allow you to pronate or supranate--the inner or outer edge of the foot too high rather than even with the other when your foot hits the ground--resulting in supporting structures like the muscles, tendons, and such getting really sore. Or if you need ankle support and don't get it, you can get sore clear to the knees. (Both my siblings and their weak ankles when ice skating.)

    The other potential issue is your form. Of course you know how to walk, but it's fairly easy to strain yourself if your form is poor, you knees and hips not directly over your feet.

    I would start at a shoe store dedicated to runners. They will have experienced staff able to analyze what's wrong with your present shoes (bring or wear them) and to fit you with something that will help correct the problem.

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