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Algebra word problems Help.?

Can someone help me with these problems? Step By step would be nice.

1) James is training for the international chess championships. He has a weekly routine. On some days he practices for 4 hours and on the other days he practices for 7 hours. He practices a total of 40 hours in a seven day week. On how many days does he train for 4


2) Jenny works at the local sandwich shop. When she works overtime she earns her

hourly rate in addition to 20% her hourly rate. One week, Jenny works 30 hours her normal rate of pay and also worked 10 hours of overtime. If Jenny earned $700 altogether in that week, what is her normal rate of pay?

3) Minor crime boss Ann German Agement has two sources of income, extortion and

illegal gambling. In 2019, she made a total of $3, 956, 202, and she made 25% more money from illegal gambling than she did from extortion.

How much money did Ann make from illegal gambling in 2019? 

(Hint: variables, model,

solve, conclusion)

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    move to homework help. cheater.

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