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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 1 month ago

Does this seem like im making something out of nothing? I have a parent with copd a nurse from her gp practice cameout a couple...?

...of weeks ago as i was concernedabout her shaking nurse shrugged her shoulders saud that was as good as it got and left seemed like an inconvience having to come out i then requested medication as she suffers from anxiety and has frewuent panick attacks shes allowed upto for half tablets per day for her anxietty but only gets one in blister pack which dhe gets every week drs refused saying she had enough of the medication she neefed in blister pack a nurse from hospice phoned gp and miraculersily the rest of meds were sent out tonight a carer phoned for paramedic as she was concerned about my mother shaking didnt even tell me i only founf out when i heard paramedic come up stairs even thoughi m her son paramedic showed no interest in who i was asked carer multiple questions about my mother even though shes only in 5 - 10 min a day he kept his back to me i left room as i could feel myself getting frustrated like i was irrelevant carer and paramedic have just left neither bothered to speak to me directly i justfelt it was rude disrespectfull and ignorant 


I apologise for poor grammar i was angry when i typed it out tried fixing it but cant

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Take this up with the home care company that the nurse is from.  Medication errors are serious...if she did the wrong thing for your mother, it is a big deal. Report her. 

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