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As Of 3/4/2021 I Can't Access My Yahoo Mail From My Phone?

I have a yahoo account and a ymail account.  As of this morning (3/4/2021), when I try to get my mail with my phone (Sony Android) I get "Could not connect.  Verify password, username or client certificate for Ymail"  Or "for  (account name)".

I have no problems using Thunderbird on my Desktop and Tablet (both Windows 8.1).

I have not changed any settings for my accounts or my  hone settings.  How can all yahoo accounts block access just from my phone?


phone not hone

Update 2:

I am not using a browser.  I use my phone mail app.  Everything is exactly the same as it has been for 2 or 3 years.  Suddenly my two yahoo accounts cannot be accessed.  My 6 gmail accounts continue to work fine.  Yahoo changed something.  I can access the yahoo accounts from Thunderbird on my desktop and tablet computers.

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