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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceDream Interpretation · 1 month ago

What could this dream have meant?

I was inside a house near the front door & I guess for some reason in my dream the last guy I was involved with lived there except it wasn’t him. I just thought it was him. He was faceless, dressed in all black and was walking down the stairs to leave with a very beautiful young woman. They didn’t seem to care about my presence & just walked by me like I was a ghost. They returned quickly and when they came back the guy wasn’t faceless anymore and didn’t look anything close to the guy I like. And the young woman looked different too, less attractive than before. But then again I was mostly just looking at her from the side, I was focusing on how I felt in the dream which went from nervous, to a bit jealous, and then confused. 


I’ll try to reword that first part better. When I saw the faceless guy dressed in all black my first thought was that it’s him when I couldn’t identify him at first and then it turned out it wasn’t him 

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  • 1 month ago
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    But you were wishing it was him, right?  Some part of your mind is mourning the loss of his presence.  And you even felt the jealousy, even though he has moved on, and there was probably a very good reason why you took him out of your Life.  But memories linger, or desires are unfulfilled, etc.  So people from our past show up in our dreams as reminders of what used to be, and also as what we wish was coming next.  You said you went from nervous, and that's natural as he is supposed to be out of your Life, now, so why is he there near you in your dream?  Then you went to feeling a bit jealous, which is also normal as you had good times with him also but you are no longer involved in his Life and you may even feel left out, and he has left you in that state of wonder.  The whole thing becomes confusing with your mixed emotions.  You may want to change your focus from him back to your Life, as he is long gone and it still hurts.  Get out there and live your own Life.  People who were connected with us in our lives, even from long ago, do pop up in our dreams, since dreams are filled with our emotions, and there is a wide range of things which trigger our feelings in the present that show up in dreams. 

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