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Why in Europe is it assumed that every military enthusiast is a madman who wants to kill people?

Hi, I'm Polish, my name is Paweł, I suffer from a very mild-symptomatic form of Asperger Syndrome(and i'm also semi-closed GAAY ;-) but i know it's sinfull and god not like :-( but I also not like when heterosexual people bitching on homo or bisexual people !  ), I am passionate about history

I'm interested in WW2 military gear especially machine pistols, submachine guns, and assault rifles like StG 44 Russians copied the magazine and a few other things from it.Some idiots consider me a fascist because I like the Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton :-) if what music someone likes determines someone's political views!

1 Answer

  • eh why is the content of the questions, nothing to do with it's title?...anyway military enthusiats is'nt a very specific definition, and it depends on what your interpretation i mean i would prob say i'm a military enthusiast, but i don't feel any urge to want to own or even fire weapons, but try asking general military questions, and i'l likely know something about most of it..

    to answer the point of the question in a certain context a person like that would likely have a certain psychological traits relevant and linked to psychosis...and linked to the psycholigical profile of murderers can go into details if you choose at your leisure

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